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There are  three hotels near the venue. These are in the surrounding small towns very near the venue.

Main hotel that we are using for wedding is the Hotel Koruna. 


Hotel Koruna 

This lovely hotel is located in Chlumec nad Cidlinou and is approximately

10-minute drive from the venue. This hotel has twelve rooms available.

This hotel also has sauna and whirlpool.

  • The link to the hotel website is:

  • Check out their website to have a look at their rooms, breakfast is included in the price

  • Cancellation is free up to 3 days prior to arrival, pay at the check in or check out. There is free parking at the hotel.

  • Since this hotel is very lovely, we want to take no chances so we are reserving all of the rooms except the romantic room to make sure rooms will get occupied by our guests primarily. Therefore if you would like to stay in this hotel please do contact us and we will transfer the booking of a particular room to you so it can be yours!

  • Email here: for enquiries


Penzion u Vacku


This accommodation is located in Chlumec nad Cidlinou not far from hotel Koruna, approximately 10-minute drive from the venue. There are 10 rooms available with one apartment for 4 to 6 people.

  • The link to their website is:

  • There is free parking at the accommodation.

  • Please email the penzion at for reservations.

  • Due to limited accommodation in the area, we have temporarily reserved all of the rooms until the end of May so please do contact them directly to book or let us know and we will do so on your behalf.    


Please do let us know which hotel you will be staying at so we can pass this onto our lovely wedding coordinator who will coordinate your transport to and from the venue back to the hotel

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